Premese Junior Academy, Villa Franca, Imara Daima, Nairobi

This school started 2012 in Villa Franca Estate, next to Imara Daima, off Mombasa Road.
Our Early Childhood Education in Premese Junior Academy is based on Montessori Method of Teaching which is practical in nature. Montessori Method of approach to learning is geared towards imparting holistic education that develops children’s reading and writing skills as well as nurturing their talents and moral values right from that tender age.

The School Journey

Currently we have Pre-school and Grade 1 to 6. We have academically sound and well trained, experienced teachers.

The school is located at Villa Franca estate in the Imara Daima area. This is a school managed under christian principles. The Head Tutor and the Administrator have served Premese for more than ten years in various capacities. One of the 2 is a graduate in education. The Senior Principal, Dr. Ruth Mulwa is a retired lecturer cum S1 teacher.

Premese Junior Academy & Montessori/KNEC ECD Teacher Training Campus, Villa Franca/Imara Daima, Off-Mombasa Road, Nairobi.




In collaboration with like-minded individuals and institutions, we aspire to impart to our students holistic, competence-based education that nurtures talents and instills Christian moral values.


We envision becoming nationally competitive centers of academic excellence, which churn out into the society astute leaders of integrity who are socially and emotionally integrated and competent.


Rights for all; Love of God expressed through service to his people; Unity in Multiplicity; Autonomy with Interdependence; Development with Equity; Respect for Diversity; Gender Sensitivity; Leadership of Integrity; Team-Work; and Environmental Sensitivity.